Reflection in Oberon

By clicking the above thumbnail page images, you can peruse the slides. For comparison, you can grab the BIG (4.9M) postscript file which generated this tree of html and jpeg (or gif) files.

Webify is freely distributed in C source form, and runs on UNIX systems having Ghostscript installed with PPMRAW conversion along with the cjpeg or ppmtogif utilities (all available free). It can be used (on UNIX systems) to convert postscript files generated on Macs, PCs, and elsewhere.

CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD a large compressed tar file containing webify source. The size of the file stems from the postscript containing the above presentation; webify is a simple, single C program which invokes GhostScript to do most of the real work. Documentation is sparse.

Today is 12/09/97. Feedback to Christoph Steindl.