Niklaus Wirth - a Pioneer of Computer Science

Gustav Pomberger, Hanspeter Mössenböck, Peter Rechenberg
Johannes Kepler University Linz
Institute for Practical Computer Science
Altenbergerstraße 69, A-4040 Linz


Niklaus Wirth is one of the most influential scientists of the early computer age. His ideas and especially his programming languages have shaped gen-erations of programmers worldwide. This paper tries to acknowledge the sci-entific achievements of Niklaus Wirth and to honor him as a person. A small part of the paper is also devoted to Wirth's influence on computer science at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz.

Published in Laszlo Böszörmeny, Jürg Gutknecht, Gustav Pomberger: The School of Niklaus Wirth. dpunkt.verlag, 2000, ISBN 1-55860-723-4
You can download the paper in Postscript.