Modeling Context-Aware Behavior by Interpreted ECA Rules

Wolfgang Beer, Christian Volker, Alois Ferscha
Institut für Praktische Informatik, {voc, ferscha}

Lars Mehrmann
Siemens AG, CT SE2, Otto-Hahn-Ring 6, 81730 Munich, Germany


The software architecture of distributed systems is about to change due to new requirements of modern mobile devices. New network techniques, like ad-hoc radio communication or peer-to-peer networks allow mobile devices to sense their environment and to interact with other devices dynamically. This paper presents a cutting-edge way to describe objects and their interaction, also called context, as well as the possibility to configure such interaction scenarios. A lookup mechanism collects information about the environment and a rolebased classification is responsible for identifying possible interaction partners. Furthermore the configuration of scenario behavior with context rules is introduced. Finally a comparison with already existing context frameworks is given and a practical emergency scenario configuration is shown.

Euro-Par 2003 (International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing) 2003 Klagenfurt

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