Special Topics in Software Engineering:

Introduction to Programming in Prolog

1KV Vegh Block Begin: 28.5.2008


Mgr. Ladislav Vegh
University of Komarom, Slovakia


Date Time Room
We 28.5.2008 15:30 - 18:00 HF 9904
Th 29.5.2008 15:30 - 18:00 T 041
Fr 30.5.2008 13:45 - 16:15 K 034D


  • Introducing Prolog
    knowledge base, rule, variable, backtracking, conjoined (and), disjoined (or), negative (not) goals, testing for equality, anonymous variables
  • Constructing Prolog Program
    input, output, predicates as subroutines, file handling, a simple program that "learns", character input/output, constructing menus
  • Data Structures and Computation
    arithmetic, constructing expressions, lists, sorting data in lists, counting lists elements
  • Expressing Procedural Algorithms
    the "cut" operator, the "if-then-else" structure, repetition through backtracking, recursion
  • Reading Data in Foreign Formats
    validating user input, reading files, file handles
  • Advanced Techniques
    structures as trees, lists as structures, sorting algorithms


The handouts can be downloaded from www.my-courses.org. The enrollment key will be given in the course.


The marks will be obtained by small projects and tests that are available at www.my-courses.org.