Special Topics in Computer Science:

Integrated Product Development

339.007 1KV Fürstner Block Begin: 13.5.2009

The course covers some aspects of an interdisciplinary approach for developing new, or redesigning existing products on the market. The product can be anything (it can be a chair, a computer, but also software or some service). The course also introduces some organizational aspects of the development process in distributed environments (virtual factory).

  • Students should accept the idea that the whole lifecycle of the product and the product's surroundings (social, environmental...) have to be considered during the development process, not just the product alone;
  • Students should be able to identify without any assistance the necessary steps in the product development process;
  • Students should be able to analyze an existing product and to suggest possible improvements (in general, not in detail) considering the whole lifecycle of the product and its surroundings.


Igor Fürstner
Polytechnical Engineering College Subotica, Serbia


Date Time Room
We 13.5.2009 15:30 - 18:00
Th 14.5.2009 15:30 - 18:00
Fr 15.5.2009 13:45 - 17:00


  1. Introduction
  2. Identifying Customer Needs
  3. Functional Requirements and Decomposition
  4. Design parameters and Engineering parameters (Functional Analysis)
  5. QFD (House of Quality)
  6. Concepts and Embodiments
  7. Design for Excellence DFx
  8. Product lifecycle
  9. IPD in internet surroundings
  10. Case study


Students will have to do a project, which targets an existing product (the product is a choice of the student) that should be analyzed according to the aspects of IPD. Students have to recognize, arrange and mark the customer requirements, to define functional requirements and other elements considering the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) approach, to suggest possible improvements and to accept the acceptable ones considering the DFX (Design for Excelence) approach. The marks for this course will be based on the project.


  • Ulrich, K.T.: Product Design and Development, McGraw Hill, International Edition 2003, ISBN 007-247146-8.
  • Magrab, E.B.: Integrated Product and Process Design and Development, CRC Press, 1997, ISBN 9780849384837

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