Special Topics in Computer Science:

Research Methods

1KV Budimac Block Begin: 28.4.2008

This course will introduce and develop the concepts, organisational structure and deliverables of a research project using qualitative and quantitative methods. To extend to a postgraduate level, the student's appreciation and understanding of how to organise, to plan and 'execute' a technical research project. The course is one of the results of the Tempus project "Joint MSc curriculum in software engineering' (http://perun.im.ns.ac.yu/msc-se/)"

Upon successful completion of this course, the students will be able to:

  • prepare, plan and monitor a research project using tools and skills needed for critical evaluation and analyses of project results;
  • formulate, plan and communicate a research project;
  • select and appreciate the appropriate search methods for collection of information;
  • demonstrate knowledge and experience on procedures and methods for structuring, gathering and handling of information and data in a technological environment.


Prof. Dr. Zoran Budimac
University of Novi Sad, Serbia


Date Time Room
Mo, 28.4.2008 15:30-18:00 HS 11
Tu, 29.4.2008 15:30-18:00 RAAB 2
We, 30.4.2008 15:30-18:45 T 211


  • On doing research:
    - What does it mean?
    - How: Methodologies?
  • On writing thesis and/or papers
  • On literature review
  • On presentation
  • On supervision (and being supervised)
  • On viva - Oral examination.....


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Students will do some coursework that will be marked.


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